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What are the benefits?

This unique, cutting-edge, holistic clinical nutrition approach is combined with mind-body centered protocols and practical coaching techniques. It enables you to achieve successful outcomes with weight concerns, sugar cravings, chronic or yo-yo dieting, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, digestive issues, low energy, brain fog, and body image challenges.

These lasting transformations bring a level of freedom and healing to allow you to live the life you want to live in a body that you’ve earned.

No more dieting or restricting.

No more fretting over the scale or the mirror.

No more fighting with your body.

The use of powerful ground-breaking tools and protocols from nutrition, results-oriented dynamic eating psychology, body-centered practices, and neuroscience yield powerful, inspiring results in nutrition-related health concerns.

The door to weight challenges, digestion, fatigue or low energy, mood, immunity, and metabolism concerns is opened and solved. These results will help your overall health, fitness, muscle building, mindset, hormone levels, productivity, energy levels, and longevity. 

The solutions will allow you to break free from the years of unwanted pounds and symptoms, unempowered mindset, and limiting beliefs.    

 Clients have massive breakthroughs in life domains such as health, energy, fitness, relationships, communication, family, work, sexuality, and life purpose, deepening the connection to themselves and the world.                                                                       
Release unwanted pounds.
Optimize metabolism & biomarkers. 
Increase energy & vitality.
Increase longevity.
Optimize digestion.
Improve mood issues.
Increase natural testosterone.
Develop a more positive mindset.
Stop the dieting and food wars.
Level up muscle mass and strength.
Develop habits that support goals. 
Become a master of your body.

What’s Different About This Approach That Works

Natascha Troehler’s experience shows her that for far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative and disempowering messages about food, weight, health, and diet, especially as we get older. We’ve been told that we’re willpower weaklings, needing more control and that we need to beat our body into submission for our “win.”

The majority of nutrition experts endorse conflicting nutritional advice which people end up having to sift through as they try to apply them to their own lives. The result is that people are more confused than ever before about what to eat, don’t know what to consistently do, and don’t know how to have a happy relationship with food, weight, and body. This creates a suboptimal metabolism, weight loss resistance, muscle loss, onset of disease, digestive issues, brain fog, hormone alterations, fatigue, and a LOT of unhappiness.

When your mindset, nutritional approach, and health are not optimized, this results in a suboptimal way of being in the world. It affects your relationships, career, finances, health, quality of life, and so much more. It affects you living the life you really want to live.

By eliminating all the “shoulds and shouldn’ts,” Natascha and you will focus on what’s right for your body, your personal style, and your preferences. As the work together in this way, eating and health issues become a place of exploration. Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for exponential growth, life-changing insights, and mastery.

My happy clients:

"Applying these cutting-edge techniques has changed my body and outlook on life."

– Retired Pilot, 67, Glendale, AZ

How Does it work:

Step 1:

First, scroll down and complete the form to get a free consultation with me.

Step 2:

Next, show up to the call so you and I can create a plan that will uniquely fit your needs.

Step 3:

Finally, work one-on-one with me to implement your plan and get the results you’re after.

How Does it work?

Step 1:

First, either call me at (928) 503-2635 or scroll down and complete the form with a few details about your concerns to get a free consultation with me.

Step 2:

Next, show up to the call so you and I can create a plan that will uniquely fit your needs. There’s no rush and no deadline. 

Step 3:

Finally, work one-on-one with me to implement your short-term and long-term plan and get the results you’re after.

About Natascha Troehler

With 35 years of experience in nursing, medicine, fitness, nutrition, legal consulting, and coaching, Natascha Troehler, MSN, ANP-C understands the importance of delving deep on the most effective ways to take care of business. This includes your body, mind, weight goals, life, relationships, work, fitness, and health challenges. She has done the work and continues to do the work for herself. She recognizes that taking the first step toward meaningful and sustainable change is always the hardest.

Natascha has been privileged to be a part of the care of veterans and US Military active duty soldiers as well as patients from all walks of life. She has cared for people from the age of 1 day to 99 in primary care, military medicine, emergency care, intensive care, pain management, and radiation oncology as a nurse practitioner and as a registered nurse. She currently practices internal medicine in the Phoenix area. In all those settings, Natascha has taken on digestive challenges, energy and mood issues, weight issues, eating challenges, and immune health challenges.

And this is where Natascha can help you as your personal coach and mentor.

Through her own decades-long food challenges and eating disorders in her younger years, efforting around healthy aging, and maintaining a competitive edge physically and mentally, Natascha had to discover new and more effective healing methods. What Natascha has implemented yields positive and “forever” results in the short-term and the long-term.

This work is not about a quick fix, medications with potentially harmful side effects, or a restrictive diet. None of those work sustainably, and that’s likely why you’ve ended up on this page. It’s about developing a relationship with your body that works, one that honors your unique male or female physiology as well as your soul. 

Call me at (928) 503-2635 to begin your journey.  

**Confidentiality guaranteed. 

Natascha Troehler

How much is poor health and poor energy costing you?

I would say it costs someone an immeasurable amount, both in financial costs but more so in personal life joy and satisfaction. For instance, have you ever considered bariatric surgery or weight loss medications that cost over $1600 per month and then the costs of living a restrictive lifestyle? Are you waiting to begin your life at some future point when you reach your body goals? Are you tired of not having answers or techniques and knowing what actually works for your body and preferences?

A lot of people – self included – are of the mindset that they need to do the journey alone. A lack of clarity and overwhelm can cause you to be another nutritional refugee. Having someone guide you 1-on-1 through an individualized, step-by-step plan is the single fastest way to get the results you’re after.

This is what I do. Every day. And I’d love to serve you, support you, teach you, push you, guide you – because it matters. It really does. 

Call me at (928) 503-2635 to set up a free consultation with me so we can discuss your goals, what you’ve already tried, and most importantly, what we should try next.

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